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The Clore Duffield Foundation

The Clore Duffield Foundation has a long-standing interest in human potential and enhancing quality of life. It has spent a decade investing in individuals with a view to developing and empowering a new generation of cultural and social leaders. It decided to celebrate this decade of investment by backing the most creative and inspirational projects that the Fellows of its two leadership programmes, the Clore Leadership Programme and the Clore Social Leadership Programme, could devise.

Clore Leadership Programme

Founded in 2004, the Clore Leadership Programme is the UK’s first cross- disciplinary leadership programme for the cultural and creative sectors. The Programme works to shape creative leaders through in-depth learning tailored to the needs, aspirations and circumstances of between 20 and 30 individuals a year.

Clore Social Leadership Programme

The Clore Social Leadership Programme was launched in 2009 to develop leaders in the social sector so that they can transform their communities, organisations and the world around them. Each year the Programme identifies up to 20 of the UK’s most promising social leaders and gives them the skills and opportunities to develop in fields from financial inclusion to dementia care, international development to housing.

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