Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

How to Get Blonde Hair Naturally

If you are a blonde and looking for a way to get blonde hair naturally then I may suggest that you consider the wash and go method. This consists of having a couple of sessions in a salon using treatments similar to those used for hair dye. The blonde hair is cleaned up using bleach after which the hair is washed again. However, this does not stop the blonde growth in the roots. Over350 days the hair will begin to lighten a little and at the end of the therapy period around 5 days later aquer EternalBlue or Amethyst will be applied to the hair. This blue dye is said to be the root regrowth dye and will effectively cut off the hair growth. sessions UFABET เว็บตรง


The maintenance treatments only need to be applied once in a while and are a very good idea as a way to tidy up the blonde hair. These treatments are named aseveryday maintenance and can be opted for by both the client and the stylist. The colour does not need to be washed out after each use. Care should be taken when applying the permanent hair colour and clients should ensure that their hair is well moisturized during the priming time. The colour will remain in the hair for about 3 months after which either a retouch or a color refresher cream should be applied. The last cream refreshing may take up to a month to start working.

Stylists recommend that the permanent hair colour is applied to the mid length and the ends of the hair. The principle behind this is that the colour will remain and the ends will not be darker. Every 6-8 weeks a touch up appointment will be done to remove the colour that has faded.

The advantages of this therapy is that the client does not need to go to the salon each time the colour needs to be touched up. All they have to do is return to the clinic for a repeat application. The only small amount of time required for the longest lasting color is about 30 minutes.Blonde Hair

The technique used to apply permanent hair color is much more efficient today than it was in the past. Because of all the advances in technology, pigments can now be mixed to give the optimum color for any particular client. Even someone with very fair hair will be able to get a vibrant color with this technique.Blonde Hair

The technique is a very safe one and almost painless. Even the colorants have improved to cope with the chemicals in the different hair colors. Now there is a wide range of pinks and blues that are being used for special effects in hair dye. The old redheads are becoming a thing of the past and new brunettes are choosing to go blonde.Blonde Hair

Women with extremely dark hair are the favoured ones as the new blonde hair colour makes them look so glamorous. Every woman wants to achieve this look, but going to a professional salon is sometimes out of the question as they can be costly.Blonde Hair

Luckily, there is a way that you can apply permanent hair color at home, and definitely without the worry of going to a hair salon. There are home permanent hair color kits that include the necessary ingredients for the application procedure. They are as effective as the permanent hair coloring done in a salon and you probably pay less money for the procedure as well.

The nice thing about these home permanent hair color kits is that you can use them whenever you want, and usually when you leave the house. They are very convenient and make it easy to color your hair quickly in the comfort of your own home. And the results are just as good as going to a salon for a professional permanent hair dye job.

So, yes, they are easy to use, but with the drawbacks being that you may not be able to do them properly the first time or come up with an amazing color or style, or match it to your skin tone and eye color. So, if you’re going to do it yourself, why not give yourself that opportunity to learn the skill first?


Blonde Hair